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​Baby massage classes in Chelsfield and surrounding areas

What is Baby Massage? 

The traditional practice of Baby Massage dates back 3000 years and in many cultures babies are massaged daily. A parent’s nurturing touch is known to have an important role for easing the “transition from womb to world” for their new baby. Baby massage can be a wonderful extension of this natural impulse, whilst also enhancing the bonding process through skin-to-skin touch, eye contact, voice, smell and increased levels of oxytocin. The techniques that you will learn in my classes have been developed over many years and draw from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology.  There is also a strong focus on communicating with your baby by listening to them, reading their cues and responding to their needs. This connection through positive nurturing touch is acknowledged to help parents understand what their baby is communicating and therefore allows parents to respond in a way that best meets their baby’s needs.

How can massage help me & my baby?

​​​The benefits are bountiful and can include helping your baby to feel securely attached,  loved, valued and respected. It can also help to reduce crying and emotional distress and offer relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort. There are numerous benefits for parents too, such as feeling closer to your baby, helping to gain a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour, crying and body language, and it provides an enjoyable opportunity to spend one-to-one time with your baby and can help to increase confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby. My classes are completely baby led and designed to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

The benefits of Baby massage are unique to each parent and child but regular massage can: 
Promote bonding and attachment between parent and baby at early stages.
Enhance baby’s feelings of being loved, respected and secure with their parents.
Offer regular one-to-one time for parent and baby.
Stimulate circulation.
Improve muscle tone, growth, weight gain and development.
Enhance early communication between parent and baby.
Gentle facial massage can help settle the discomfort of teething.
Aid digestion and provide relief from discomfort caused by colic, constipation, tummy pain & wind.
Help to build up the immune system.
Encourage parents to better understand and respond to their baby’s cues and states of behaviour.
Help baby relax as part of your bed time routine.

About our Baby Massage Classes

Classes are suitable for babies from birth to crawling and provide a welcoming, warm and relaxed space for you to spend quality-time nurturing your baby. You will learn how to give your baby a full body massage developed from Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology. All massage instructions are repeated each week as well as covered in your handout.  I'm also available after the class to answer any questions or to clarify any of the techniques.

What’s involved?
Six classes of approximately 90 minutes each, which run over 6 consecutive weeks.
Learning baby massage techniques, concentrating on a new body area each week.
A short routine to help relieve symptoms of colic, wind and constipation.
Gentle movements, based on the principals of yoga.
Information around massage oils, best time for massage, behavioural states and adapting massage for the growing child.
Plenty of time for discussion and sharing experiences throughout.
We always finish each class with complimentary refreshments which is a great opportunity to chat to other parents and make new friends.

Baby-Led Classes:
Classes are adaptable, flexible and totally baby-led. Babies are encouraged to be babies and often direct the flow of the class.

Course Cost and Bookings:
The six-week course is £72
Courses run regularly on Thursday & Friday mornings.
One to One and private sessions are available, please contact me for further details
Looking for the perfect Baby Shower Gift or new mum gift for a pregnant friend or mum-to-be?
Why not buy a gift voucher as a present and treat them to a 6 week course of baby massage. What could be more perfect than spending time and having fun with their new baby? - call or email me today for more information.