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​Baby massage classes in Chelsfield and surrounding areas

"This is the first time I have ever done baby massage so I wasn't sure what to expect, Lucie was very welcoming and made us feel instantly at home. It was a very relaxed non judgemental environment and a lovely opportunity to chat to other mums too. I would thoroughly recommend this course myself and my little girl enjoyed it every week, and we've learnt some really lovely techniques that we've carried on using at home. " Helen & Baby Ava

​Lucie was lovely and spoke to you throughout the session to make you feel comfortable and able to do it." Michelle & Baby Isla

​"I really enjoyed the classes, I came out really relaxed and James loves the massage." Lucie & Baby James

​"Lucie was very friendly and taught us by massaging her own son which made it seem very relaxed. We also got to know Lucie a little after each session which made me feel comfortable. I have been able to use the tummy moves to soothe my son's tummy as he suffers from wind." Jess & Baby Joseph

​"I looked forward to every class. Lucie is a great instructor" Debbie & Baby Sam